Crafting a Portal to the Unspeakable Realm

by Eldritch

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released May 25, 2017

Recorded May 20 2017 by Ricky Olson at The Ward



all rights reserved


Eldritch Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Dimension Gate
close the gate
don't you know where it leads?
the center, where chaos reigns
don't you know what will happen if it's freed?
the skies will fall
the locust will swarm
the end of mankind
the end of the world
the satyrs play their lutes and lyres made of bone
the sound it drives the people mad; leave me alone
a great rumbling noise, louder than ever before
a flashing red light, why'd you open the door?

step through the gate
don't you wonder what's on the other side?
it could be escape
from a realm you hate
Track Name: Hymn of Demise
awaken the sleeper
shake hands with the reaper
fall deeper and deeper into this pit known as my mind
surrender your weapons, surrender your lives
hear the sound of defeat, hear the hymn of demise

the longer i skulk through the gases of mephadross
the more i adopt their thirst for death
there's no point in fighting
give up all hope
the longer you're breathing
the longer you'll choke
i'd rather die in the valor of combat; leave my corpse to return to the earth
while the cowards feed the rats and the vultures, swinging from a rope
Track Name: Serpents and Wyrms
i struggle to ignore all the shit that i hear
from the serpents and the wyrms whispering spells into my ears
bright as a mirror, dark as the sea
there's no where to hide from the eye of the kraken, staring at me

i'll drink down this poison and swallow my pride
there is no escape from this cage, where all of my demons reside

tore me to pieces
tortured, it tore me from earth
to a place where despair has replaced, all of the people's mirth
Track Name: Deepest Valley
i woke up in a valley somehow deeper than the last
full of relics and artifacts of mistakes i've made in the past
they laugh and they scream and they spit in my fucking face
and they chant in a sickening unison
you're a disgrace

the mountain air
chills me to the bone
hang my head, and walk to the peak
accept defeat, i'll never make it home

i sit by the lake beside sarnoth
i watch and i wait as the waters slowly rise
i see the serpent king emerging
i close my eyes, as the people cry